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Current Projects

  • Nurse stations & specialized care 

  • Waiting room

  • Staff room

  • Parking lot pavement

  • Humidity correction

  • Fan installation

  • Intercom installation

  • Painting the main floor

  • Operating & recovery rooms

  • Annual children's checkup

  • Outreach brigades

Building Plans

From its humble beginnings in the basement of Iglesia Bautista Betania, Clínica Betania now operates in a new building across from the church. Our hope is to finish this facility so that our doctors and nurses will have adequate space to work, and so that our clinic will have the capacity for prospective programs.


Accomplishing these goals is made possible through the help of donors and short-term mission teams willing to be the hands and feet of such development. If you would like to learn more about how to contribute to these projects, please contact us!


Dental & Optometric Clinics

Finishing the upper floor of the clinic. Outstanding needs include installing dental chairs and acquiring chairs, tables, and a dark room for optometry.

  • Project cost: $7,500

  • Project Completed! Thank you!

Nurse Stations & Specialized Care

Building and furnishing spaces for nurse stations and specialized care as potential needs arise.

  • Project cost: $200

  • No group is needed.

Waiting Room

Installing a television in our waiting room so that we can share announcements, sermons, and Christian music with our patients.

  • Project cost: $700

  • No group is needed.

Counseling Office

Furnishing a counseling office where members of the church can minister daily to patients' spiritual needs.

  • Project cost: $400

  • Project Completed! Thank you!

Staff Room

Setting up a space where staff can rest or eat during the day.

  • Project cost: $600

  • No group is needed.

Humidity Correction

Regulating the humidity in the basement in order to steward our clinic well and protect the health of our patients.

  • Project cost: $1,500

  • Number of members needed: 5 - 8

  • Days to complete: 4 -5

  • Skills needed: construction, engineering

Fan Installation

Installing fans in rooms with poor ventilation.

  • Project cost: $500

  • Group optional (1-2 members needed)

Painting the Main Floor

For health regulation standards, we need to paint our walls with anti-microbial water-resistant paint.

  • Project cost: $1,500

  • Number of members needed: 10-12

Annual Children's Checkup

Offering basic health services for children at the beginning of their school year (February). Services include height & weight measurement, parasite prophylaxis treatment, and vitamin distribution.​

  • Project cost: $500

  • No group is needed.

Parking Lot Pavement

​Paving the parking lot to avoid mud caused by rainy weather.

  • Project cost: TBD

  • Skills needed: construction, engineering

Outdoor Bathrooms

Installing bathrooms outside next to the clinic.

  • Project cost: $2,600

  • Project Completed! Thank you!

Intercom Installation

​For communication between floors.

  • Project cost: $1,000

Operating & Recovery Rooms

A goal of building a small surgery center in the basement of our clinic. Stay tuned for more details!

Outreach Brigades

​Bringing medical/dental brigades to nearby villages to reach patients outside of our immediate vicinity. We are aiming to organize four brigades in 2023.

  • Project cost: $400/day

  • Group optional.

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