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Jan-Feb-Mar 2023

As we enter a new year, we are praising the Lord for such a strong start. We continue to see His provision in meeting our desires and efforts to expand our ability to minister - first to the physical and foremost the spiritual - needs of our community.

On February 6 and 7, we were able to offer parasite treatment and vitamin supplementation to at-risk children before they started their school year. Providing this preventative measure and immunity boost was a special privilege, knowing that such care would help many youths focus on their studies and excel in their education.

The week of February 6-10, we received the greatly anticipated group from Sharing Resources Worldwide, whose participants were here moving equipment to the clinic for their future use in dental and optometry brigades. We are so grateful to the Lord and blown away by their generous provision of an oral suction machine, air compressor, and dental x-ray. This critical equipment would allow for our dental facilities on the top floor to soon be fully functional, enabling the dentists who serve in our clinic to perform more intensive dental procedures and surgeries beyond the extractions, fillings, and cleanings that we already offer.

It was also a great pleasure and blessing to work with Cooper, a one-month MIM intern, during this transition of transporting and organizing new supplies, as he aided this effort with an eager hand and smile.

Since February we have had the blessing of having Dr Ruth Rivera, a dental missionary who joined us for a few months to serve the community. She has been instrumental in getting our dental clinic organized and ready for future teams, the Lord has gifted her with abilities and a heart to serve those with dental needs. We are thankful for the valuable addition she has been to our team.

In March, Emanuel Baptist Church served for their third time with us, finishing out the top floor of the clinic with plumbing and electrical installations, as well as working on the construction of the floor bed and roof necessary for the donated compressor and suction to later be installed. Thanks to their joyful efforts, our upstairs dental facilities are finally fully operational and in more than working order for the various brigades and patients we expect to receive this year. From the same group, Dr. Amy Harrell, a OBGYN specialist, made a gynecology brigade possible from March 10-14 and saw 22 women during this time. Hydrologist and Dr. Scott Socolofsky also started designing a plan for better water flow so as to fix water issues in the basement. In such moments as these, it is a sweet joy to see the many members of His body using their various gifts unto His service and for His glory.

On March 31, we facilitated a mobile clinic for the Nueva Esperanza community, where our entire team, with the help of Dr. Grace Iyamu and along with Vida Eterna en Jesús (Eternal Life in Jesus) Baptist Church, provided dental care for 22 patients and medical care for 94 patients. This was a rich time of not only philanthropic collaboration, but also evangelical outreach as the local church leaders and other members of Iglesia Bautista Betania shared the gospel with our patients.

As we look forward to the upcoming opportunities to serve alongside our local and global partners and brothers and sisters in Christ this summer, please continue to pray for the hearts and lives of the patients we care for and the staff who care for them, that their physical and spiritual needs will be met, and that most of all, our patients and unbelieving partners will come to know our Lord and Savior from whom all these blessings flow.


If you would like to learn more about any of these projects and how you can get involved, please visit our Opportunities and Projects pages. For more information, you can also reach us at or follow the Contact link on our menu bar.

To God be the glory!

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