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We are grateful to say that 2023 wrapped up for us in some wonderful ways, as we were able to reach many more people with both medical care and the Gospel. 

In October, Hiland Park Baptist Church sent a group of 15—including a dental hygienist, oral surgeon, general dentist, prosthodontist, dental assistants, and many helping hands—to put on a brigade. With their help, we were able to provide dental care for 133 patients. We shared the Gospel with those who came through and rejoiced in God’s mercy as several of them professed faith in Christ!

In November we had our first medical mission with Sharing Resources Worldwide (SRW), where two ophthalmology specialists provided eye screening for patients, allowing for a total of 485 patients to be examined. We are excited about our new partnership with SRW and look forward to seeing how the Lord will use future opportunities to work together.

As the new year starts, we are reflecting on the past year for the clinic and are so grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness to us! A lot of improvements were made to the clinic, many servants came and served with us or gave generously to fund our mission, and as a result we were able to continue growing our ministry.

This year, by God’s grace, a daily average of 19 patients and a total of 4,305 patients were treated within our community and beyond!

  • 1,807 general care patients

  • 146 dentistry patients

  • 2,352 medical brigade patients

Compared to the previous year, we had 12% more daily primary care patients and an amazing 53.17% overall increase in the number of patients who received medical attention, praise the Lord!

In terms of the estimated value of the labor, services, equipment, and resources that the clinic received this year, the value added amounts to almost $50,000. Many costs which would have otherwise accrued to the clinic and our patients were completely cared for by our partners and donors. We approximate that this estimated value was divided up among the various aspects of the clinic as follows:

  • $23,554.85 for the dental surgery brigade

  • $15,844.92 for general medicine

  • $8,927.82 for dentistry

  • $15,347.89 for ophthalmology

  • $551.72 for gynecology

We also received a generous donation of medicine, medical supplies and equipment, and furniture from SRW.

Because of the generosity of our donors, 16% of the general care patients were fully covered, and consultation and medication services were donated to 55% of all the patients treated this year.

We had a lot of other exciting things happen at the clinic this year, including:

  • the participation of 7 churches and 8 interns from the United States

  • 10 medical brigades, 2 of which were developed and executed with the clinic's own funds

  • 3 construction brigades, which enabled us to make a lot of progress in making the clinic more professional and accessible

The overall improvements to our facilities include:

  • installation of bathrooms in the parking lot

  • remodel of waiting room

  • construction of a counseling room

  • addition of a breakfast nook in the kitchen

  • installation of the dental compressors donated by SRW

  • construction of a warehouse for the compressors

  • installation of 3 dentistry chairs, and remodel/air conditioning of the dentistry room

  • addition of an electrocardiogram

  • addition of a cubicle as a medical office

  • completion of the third floor (toilets, sinks, and furniture)

  • air conditioning of the sterilization area on the third floor

A critical development this past year was the digitization of our patient charts, allowing for our patient record management network to be viewed electronically from each doctor’s office, the reception area, and the pharmacy. We also prepared internal training for our employees regarding the management of these digital files.

For the first time in the history of the clinic, we conducted several surveys with more than 500 patients, to gather data about patient satisfaction in the care we provide. The feedback we received will help us understand how we can improve our services as we continue to care for the spiritual and physical needs of our patients.

Perhaps some of the most impactful changes we underwent this year were the additions to our staff. We are incredibly grateful for our financial support and improved facilities, but these would mean nothing apart from the faithful staff members who serve our community with the resources we’ve been given.

Our staff now includes two nurses, one pharmacy manager, two general doctors, one nurse practitioner, two dentists, and one administrator. As of this year, we added four new members to our team:

  • Dr. Grace Iyamu: working as a missionary doctor in family medicine 

  • Amanda Metcalf: working as a missionary nurse practitioner 

  • Nikoah Crowe: working as a missionary nurse, for whom we continue to pray for health recovery

  • Dr. Miguel Orellana: working as a dentist two days a week

We were blessed to host our first staff retreat last year, treating these faithful servants to a day at the beach.

Here is a photo of our Christmas dinner and fellowship time, where we got together as a staff and board to thank the Lord for His faithfulness over the past year.

We are truly grateful to our God and Savior for the way He has provided and accompanied us throughout the last year. He was more than good to us, and by His grace and guidance, we hope to continue serving the community with the resources He has given us!

If you would like to learn more about any of these projects and how you can get involved, please visit our Opportunities and Projects pages. For more information, you can also reach us at or follow the Contact link on our menu bar.

To God be the glory!

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