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First update of 2022

We have now entered the second quarter of 2022, and with abundant gratitude, we would like to give an update of these past three months here at Clinica Betania.

Our Lord has been merciful and good to us, in many ways. One specific way we can mention is how the pandemic restrictions have been reduced over these last few months. We are already being benefited by it, as various short term missions groups are scheduled to join us with medical teams. We hope to serve the community with dental and medical care this year, along with those who will share the gospel.

Every year as kids prepare to start school we like to provide children in the community who are at risk of parasitic infections, with weight/height screening as well as treating for parasites. Most of these children and adults come from homes in extreme poverty, with lack of clean water; therefore, at risk of parasitic infections and malnourishment. This year from february 2-4 we screened 253 patients, who received parasite treatment and vitamins. During that week we had the help of Noe Argueta (church leader) who shared the Gospel with those who attended the clinic during those days.

Emmanuel Baptist Church in Texas, is a fellow church who have been great contributors to the ministry here. They have visited us before and even helped us last year install the generator for the church and clinic. This year they were joined by Dr Amy Harrell, a gynecologist who had been with us before. Dr Harrell blessed many women in our church and the community with her service that week. She was with us from March 11-15 and a total of 47 patients were seen and treated.

Another great news is that our ultrasound machine seems to have a hard drive issue. John Gardner, who was also here with the group, took a look at it and took back the defective hard drive to replace it. Pray that we may soon have the ultrasound working. We are thankful for Emmanuel Baptist and their faithfulness in service to the Lord and the ministry here.

As you all know, the clinic, as a mercy ministry of our church, has the utmost goal of reaching the people within the community, who seek medical assistance, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We aim to assist them in their physical and temporal needs, but yet, far more, to show them the need for salvation and to point them to our Savior. This year we have been helped by several men, and leaders from church to achieve that, especially during times of massive flow of patients. We are now happy to inform you that a Biblical Counseling ministry has started on weekdays here at the clinic. Jorge Silva, a young Colombian SEPE (Seminary for Expository Preaching) graduate, has been called by the Lord to serve along with us here in that ministry. The Lord is using this ministry to give patients, unbelievers and christians a Biblical view of their current circumstances. Pray with us that many will come, repent and submit to the authority of Jesus; and that many will also be edified in the midst of their adversities.

A few numbers to point out, this first quarter a total of 454 patients have been seen on daily patient visits. More medicine has been donated to us through incoming short term mission teams, thus being donated to the patients.

What a great start this has been for 2022, we praise the Lord for that; for His abundant mercies and provision to this ministry. We are thankful for all of you who are willingly giving and praying for this ministry.

If this is the first time you know about us, please contact us and we can talk about how you can get involved, just follow the contact link on the head bar. If you would like to support this ministry through monetary aid, you can follow the donate link above. We solicit your prayers and we expect to update you all soon.

Blessings to you all.


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